The sustainable insulation shield


Powerroof Ò offers many advantages


Complete insulation shield ® no cold bridges

  Resistant to humidity.   
  Fast installation, even with unequal distances between the beams

The rigid board assures a dimensional stability

  Protection of the roof structure   
  In case of refurbishment, the existing internal finishing can be maintained.   
  Thinner walls give more effective m2 in your building.   
  Tongue and groove click system on four sides.  
  Leveres med undertagsfolie.  

The roof is the most important element in your living space. It not only has to stand up against wind and rain, but it also has to ensure that the temperature in the house remains constant. In a lot of buildings, the most warmth is lost through the roof. PowerroofÒ offers the solution for that as a continuous airtight insulation shield on top of the roof construction.


PowerroofÒ is an insulation board with a core of rigid polyisocyanurate foam with a specific cell structure also named TaufoamÒ by Recticel. The insulation panel is sturdy and keeps its form. It is covered on both sides with a slightly honeycombed aluminium foil of 50 μ. Thanks to its closed cell structure and its aluminium covering, PowerroofÒ is waterresistant. And, with the RectiventÒ under-roof foil barrier that is included, your roof is guaranteed to be watertight.


PowerroofÒ is impervious to moisture and is easy to install, even with unequal spacing between rafters. Another advantage of PowerroofÒ is that in renovation projects, the existing interior construction can remain unchanged.

    With PowerroofÒ, Recticel Insulation has developed a unique insulation system for sloping roofs.   
  Technical data        
  Termal conductivity: lD = 0,024 W/mK according to EN 12667  
  Fireclass:   D-s2-d0      
  Core volume weight:   30,0 kg/m3      
  Lenght:   2500 mm
Width:   1200 mm
  Thicknesses: 60/80/100 mm   (90 mm ved bestilling)   
Facing:   50 µ aluminium 
  ISO 9001:2000           
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