The ultra-thin cavity insulation


EurowallÒ offers many advantages

  Thanks to the excellent and continuous insulation capacities, EurowallÒ is always the thinnest for each and every insulation value  
  The boards are waterproof, assure a dimensional stability and do not shrink   
  Fast and easy installation due to the low weight and the handy dimensions

Perfect insulation shield by the tongue- and groove click system at all four sides of the board. This results in a better air-tightness.

  Thinner walls give more effective m2 in your building.   
  Technical data:        
  Termal conductivity: lD-value = 0,023 W/mK  according to EN 12667  
  Core volume weight:   30,0 kg/m3      
  Length:   1200 mm
Wide:   600 mm
  Thicknesses: 30/40/50/60/70/82/95/100 mm      
  Tongue and groove click system on four sides.      
  ATG 2481           
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