Assembly instructions of type 32/1000D      
  Packing of panels:          
Type 28/60 = 15 pcs. per. package   Type 80/112 = 9 pcs. per. package
Type 40/72 = 13 pcs. per. package   Type 100/132 = 8 pcs. per. package
Type 60/92 = 10 pcs. per. package   Type 132/164 = 7 pcs. per. package
  C300 panels are supplied with lifting straps, lifting battens and lifting frames  
  Lift always in the straps - never use pallet forks in packages  
  Lifting straps, battens and frames are returnable packaging  
  Returnable packaging is returned to Panelbyg ApS  
  Return costs borne by the buyer  
  Delivery is normally with own trucks - panels are delivered unloaded at the constructions site  
  There must be solid driving surface in the place of unloading  
  Place the panels, if possible, where they will be used, so extra transport to the constructions site can avoided  
  The right location before assembly saves a lot of crane and assembly time  
  Moving of the panels is possible, this is best with a crane but a telescope forklifts can be used  
  Care should be exercised, especially since the lower panel of the packages can be damaged by hard treatment  
  Roof assembled from left to right  
  Vertical wall assembled from right to left  
  In wood purlins used HTA screws - RVS (stainless) or ELZ (galvanized)  
  In steel purlins < 4 mm used self-drilled HT screws - RVS (stainless) or ELZ (galvanized)  
  In steel purlins > 4 mm used self-drilled HTL screws - RVS (stainless) or ELZ (galvanized)  
  There is screwed in the bottom of the wave of the panels as shown in the figure below  
  Screws for wood = panel + 60 mm  
  Screws for steel = panel + 30 mm  
  Sloping roof panels with purlins distance < 2750 mm: 2 screws per. purlins  / by purlins distance > 2750 mm: 3 screws per. purlins  
  The first 2 and last 2 panels are screwed into the bottom of each wave of the panels  
  In the lower purlins is screwed into the bottom of each wave of the panels (if there is a eaves)  
  Rooflight cassettes:          
  Maximum purlins distance in 1-span = 1900 mm  
  Maximum purlins distance in multi-span = 2000 mm  
  For larger purlins distance an extra rib will be applied  
  Maximum length 12000 mm  
  Assembled with screws on top of each wave as shown in the figure below  
  Panels assembled, as far as possible, in the full length of each roof side  
  Maximum length 18500 mm  
  By roof pitch < 10º used compriband in the assembling  
  By roof pitch < 5º used double compriband in the assembling  
  Alway used 200 mm overlap as shown in the figure below  
  The panels must be assembled with minimum 3º  
  At low roof pitch, bend the edge of the eaves as shown in the figure below, thereby the rain easier runs by the roof  
  Bend the edge gently so panels coating is not damaged  
  Cutting must be done with a slow-cutting circular saw, nippelmaschine, plate shears or similar  
  Never use a angle grinder or other tools that deliver heat  
  The coatning of the panels can be damaged by heat with risk of rust  
  Remove immediately drilling and sawing chips, these chips can corrode and discolour sandwichpanels and single sheets  
  Roof made of steelsheets and sandwichpanels is smooth, so snow will easily slide down.
Consederation should be given by mounting the gutter
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