PVC and aluminium windows and doors      
  PVC windows:      
  PVC windows are manufactured from steel reinforced PVC profiles  
  Specially designed for sandwichpanels  
  Easy to assembly without the use of silicone or the like  
  The windows are available in standard colour Ral 9001 / Ral 9003 and also in the outside colours mentioned below with a wood grain.  
  All windows are custom made, delivery time is approx. 4 weeks  
  Basic colours        
  RAL  9001 Cream white RAL 9003 White  
  Foil colours  
  RAL 3000 Bright red RAL 6001 Emerald green RAL 7035 Light grey
  RAL 3005 Wine red RAL 6005 Moss green RAL 7038 Agate grey
  RAL 3011 Dark red RAL 6009 Dark green RAL 8022 Black brown
  RAL 5007 Brilliant blue RAL 7001 Silver grey  
  RAL 5011 Steel blue RAL 7016 Anthracite  
  RAL numbers are only indicative      
  Window counter casings (assembly frames):  
  Special custom made counter casings, made of glass-fibre reinforced  
  Assembly directly on the inner side of wallpanels  
Reduce assebly time by approx. 50 %  
  This is possible in horizontally as well as in vertically mounted panels  
  Aluminium windows and doors:  
  Our integrated aluminium windows and doors are specially designed to use in combination with out 1150W sandwichpanels and cannot be  
    used with other type of sandwichpanels  
  The aluminium windows can be used in both horizontal and vertical assembly  
  In most cases there are no auxiliary frames and/or flashing required    
  The windows can be supplied both glazed as unglazed; thanks to the  
    secret fixation of the windows the glass can be pre assembled and  
    no need to take it out during assembly of the windows.  
     The windows can be assembled afterwards but this is a very time  
    consuming job which is better avoided  
  All kind of accessories are available like opening parts, doors, ventilation etc.  
These windows in combination with the secret fix panels result in a very modern and estethic view for industrial buildings and offices
  For any further information do not hesitate to contact our sales office  
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