Type 32/1000D og 32/1000W for roof and wall    
  Effective width: 1000 mm        
  Minimum length: 2000 mm        
Maximum length: 24000 mm
  Profile height: 32 mm        
  Technical properties:          
  Steel thickness: 0,55 mm / 0,75 mm  
  Corrosion protection: 150 gr/m2 aluzinc / 275 gr/m2 zinc  
  Coatning A-side: 200 mµ plastisol with leathergrain in 25 colours  
  Optional: 25 mµ polyester RAL 9002, RAL 7005, RAL 7035  
      50 mµ Novacoatning in 5 metalliccolours  
  Coating B-side: Light grey protective primer    
      80 mµ plastisol in various colours for aggressive environment  

Steel thickness (mm)

Weight (kg/m2) Weight (kg/m2)


32/1000D 32/1000W

0,55 mm

5,58 5,42

0,75 mm

7,61 7,36
  32/1000D suitable for pitched roof and walls  
  32/1000D can be combined with 32/1000D sandwichpanels on roof and wall  
  32/1000W can be used vertically and horizonatally  
  32/1000D og 32/1000W can be cranked positively and negatively  
  Also available in polyester rooflights up to 12000 mm  
  Anti condensation felt:          
  Self-adhesive water absorbing felt  
  Water absorption up to 600 gr. water / m2  
  Colour: grey  
  Not fungus sensitivity  
  Coating: 8-12 mµ primer and 1,2 mm polyester non-woven fleece  
  Acoustic felt:          
  1,8 mm self-adhesive felt  
  Sound reduction  
  Anti condensation and acoustic sheet should be protected from moisture until assembly  
  Fishgrate ventilation:          
  Ventilation openings available only in wall profile single skin 32/1000W  
  Steel thickness standard 0,55 mm alternatively 0,75 mm  
  In all standard colours and coatings  
  Closed above 100-350 mm  
  Ventilation opening c/c 33 mm  
  Standard length 330 to 2000 mm  
  Closed beneath minimum 300 mm  
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