Type 32/1000D for roof and wall      
  Effective width:   1000 mm      
  Minimum length:   2000 mm      
  Maximum length:   18500 mm      
  Overlap outer sheet: 25-200 mm      
  Finishing A-side:          
  Steel thickness:  0,55 mm        
      0,40 mm (only colours 462 - 039 - 454)    
  Corrosion protection: 150 gr/m2 aluzinc / 275 gr/m2 zinc      
  Coating: 200 mµ plastisol with leathergrain in 25 colours    
  Optional: 25 mµ polyester RAL 9002, RAL 7005, RAL 7035    
      50 mµ Novacoatning in 5 metalliccolours    
  Finishing B-side:          
  Steel thickness:  0,40 mm (0,63 mm when applied on a flat roof)    
  Corrosion protection: 150 gr/m2 aluzinc / 275 gr/m2 zinc    
  Coating: 25 mµ polyester RAL 9002 (10 mµ when applied on a flat roof)    
  Optional: 100 mµ plastisol RAL 9002 (applied in aggressive and/or humid environment)  
25 mµ foodsafe RAL 9001
      Embossed and lined    
  Core insulation:          
  Core material: PIR-plus (polyisocyanurate), Fire safe and self extinguishing  
  Blowing agent: Pentane, panels are 100% CFK and HCFK free    
  Core density: 40 +/- 5 kg/m3        
  Insulation values: See table    
  Fire performance:          
  Euroclass B-s2-d0 (EN-13501-1)     
   Fire resistance according to NEN 6069 (wall from inside -> outside)    
    080/112 - 30 minutes (Report TNO-2001-CVB-R02790)    
    100/132 - 90 minutes (Report TNO-1998-CVB-R1187)     
  Fire test with a 30 kW burner in 30 minutes      
Start of test After 15 minutes After 30 minutes
Fire on panels end No further spread
of smoke / fire
About 300 gr.
PIR burned

Why PIR-plus ?

As compared to PUR or "normal" PIR, our PIR-plus
(polyisocyanurate) has a much better fire behaviour.

To clarify the difference, Hardeman B.V. have performed a fire simulation. The panels where exposed to fire on the most vulnerable side of the panels, the open end-side, the simulation was a 30 kW burner, which can be compared with a burning forklift or a comparable heat source. This burner is placed directly to the open side and has a core temperature exceeding 500º Celsius.

During the start of the test, some smoke escapes from the product which is caused by the coal charring of the top layer, after this period, the panel is not contributing to the fire anymore because the char layer protects the PIR-plus foam, also the smoke is reduced to nearly zero. After 30 minutes the test is stopped and it is obvious that only the top layer of the panel has been damaged. The depth of the char coal is about 20 mm in the bottom panels and less than 5 mm in the top panels.

We can clearly conclude that PIR-plus is a very good alternative as compared to rockwool products because the contribution to the fire is almost zero. However, the insulation value is much better and panels are much lighter and easier to process and assemble.  

We can also confirm this with certificates from TNO (Dutch institute for applied scientific research) which state a fire resistance of 30 minutes for the panels 80/112 and 60 minutes for 100/132. Currently we are also testing our 1150WV panels.

C300 profiled panels are the only sandwich panels available on the market in Europe which come standard with PIR-plus foam without extra charge.


  Insulation values:          


K-value (a)
lambda/d (W/m
Rc-value (b)
d/lambda (m
Fire resistance
NEN 6069 (c)


10,50 0,65 1,55 -


11,00 0,48 2,07 -


11,80 0,34 3,00 -


12,60 0,25 3,94 30 min.


13,40 0,20 4,87 > 90 min.


14,20 0,16 6,35 > 90 min.
  (a)  Lambda-value according to the lambda-10 method = 0,0212 W/mK.  
     (a)  K-value are determined according to the NEN 1068 - the finite elements method  
  (b)  The Rc-value is also adjusted for the influences of fasteners, seam connections and transfer resistances of the outer layers  
  (c)  Fire resistance according to NEN 6069 and valid for exterior walls. (from inside -> outside)  
  (d)  Sound insulation with these PIR-plus (polyisocyanurate) isolated panels a sound insulation of  
  Roof and wall:          
  Minimum roof pitch 3º      
  Flat roof minimum pitch 1,6º      
  Outside (B-side) 10 mµ polyester RAL 9002      
  Inside (A-side) 25 mµ polyester RAL 9002 or 200 mµ plastisol coating    
Additional membrane to secure roof in PVC, EPDM or SBS
  Wall - vertical or horizontal assembly is possible      
  Fasteners in stainless steel or galvanised for wood    
  Fasteners in stainless steel or galvanised for steel < 4 mm    
  Fasteners in stainless steel or galvanised for steel > 4 mm    
  Profile screws with colour head or colour cap    
  Flashings standard or custom-made    
  Double-walled polyester rooflight cassettes    
  Skylight - available with manual opening as an option    
  Ridge rooflights    
  Profiles ridge cappings or roof-wall cornering sheets (cranked)    
  Polyester roof openings with PE-plate    
  Flexible roof openings for external pipes, ducts, chimneys etc.    
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